G2 HDTV line from Panasonic Japan is a pleasent surprise

January 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

CES 2010 as always was a mega event but for some reason Panasonic chose not to unveil its latest lineage of G2 HDTV’s at the event. Whatever was the intent behind keeping the latest HDTV series away from the event, considering what Panasonic is offering, it is surely a nice surprise for gadget freaks.


Announced by Panasonic Japan, the G2 series will debut in the local market on February 5 but there is still no information about the HDTVs that broke cover at the CES.

Talking specifically about the G2 series, all the models come with the Panasonic ‘black panel’ which has a contrast ratio of 500,000,000:1 along with full 1080p resolution video capability.

A novelty to the lineage is the use of a sensor which automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending on the surrounding light.

Again, just like the other avant-garde HDTVs, the G2 series is energy efficient as it consumes 30% lesser energy compared to its predecessors. The HDTV package also comes with a special remote which can control any Vieira Link Device. [via: Slashgear]

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