ASUS DR-950 e-reader will have 9” touchscreen and text-to-speech

January 18, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Asus DR 950

Asus seems all set to enter the ebook reader market this year with a bang. Yesterday they announced their 6-inch color touchscreen ebook reader, the DR-570, going on sale later this year. Now some details are out about a second such device from Asus, dubbed as the DR-950 which should be coming much sooner. It features a much less colorful but still functional greyscale display but still having some cool features as detailed below.

The DR-950 is built around a 9-inch 1024×768 resolution Sipix touchscreen panel which can show upto 16 levels of grey. It has a text-to-speech capability based on the Svox engine that supports upto 26 languages, a web browser which works in both portrait and landscape modes, a virtual keyboard for typing in stuff along with handwriting recognition, an RSS Reader and an expandable dictionary that can do real-time translation. The whole thing is packed in a 222 x 161 x 9mm slate-like form factor and weighs 370 grams. For connectivity, the DR-950 has WiFi and HSPA 3G connectivity with optional WiMax support. If you want to catch some tunes, there is a 3.5mm standard headphone jack and also stereo speakers which can play MP3 as well as the ‘Audible’ format. There will be 4GB of internal memory which will be expandable by an SD card. Ebooks in PDF, TXT and ePub formats are supported.

There is no news on the availability or pricing on the Asus DR-950. Now all we need are some content partners.


Via Engadget

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