IE not safe, says German Govt; Microsoft disagrees

January 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Want to stay safe and secure? Shun IE! That is what the German government has told web users. Naturally enough, Microsoft hasn’t taken the warning in its stride. The software major has gone ahead and rejected the warning reiterating that there is no risk involved in using Internet Explorer.

Now for the full story! The German government’s warning to web users to stay clear of Internet Explorer and thus protect security stems from a statement made by Microsoft saying that IE was the weak link in recent attacks on Google’s systems. Soon after the admission by Microsoft came about, the German Federal Office for Information Security issued the warning. Microsoft has disagreed since, saying that the risk to users was low. It has added that increased security setting of the browser would prevent any serious risk. It has also been made public that an update is being worked upon and it could be an out of cycle security update. It is common knowledge that the software behemoth releases a security update every month. Microsoft’s latest patch has been scheduled for February 9.  Meanwhile, the problem is being addressed.

Repeated clarifications by Microsoft on there is no security issue whatsoever, Germany fails to be convinced. Whatever Microsoft does now wouldn’t be enough to make the IE completely secure, or so believe the Germans. Nobody now knows as to where this tussle would lead to. For the time being, we would just go by Microsoft’s statement that there is no threat to the general user.

(Via BBC)

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