iOS 4 set for arrival soon

January 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


If you were just about on the brim of being cheesed off with Apple for having not brought to the fore any major OS update for quite a while now, think again. Some dope we managed to get on that front suggests that an updated app for the new iPhone 4.0 software is on the way.

Apple may be believed to be readying iPhone OS 4.0 for release sometime soon. Reports add that the delay has so much to do with the much-anticipated iSlate tablet that is in the works at Apple. If rumors are to be believed, the Apple iSlate tablet is ready to go for a launch.  According to hints dropped by an Apple insider, the iPhone OS 4.0 release had been kept at bay until now as it would contain references to the iSlate which is imminent for release soon.

It is also now more likely that a new iPhone OS release would pave the way for the fourth-generation iPhone a few months later. A report said that the iPhone OS 4.0 update is soon to arrive and this also suggests that Apple has already delivered an early version of the updated Operating System and development tools into the hands of select developers. What we are looking forward to now is word from Apple, or more insiders, on how and for when the launch is being scheduled.

(Via Slashgear)

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