Microsoft develops UVO in-car voice & touch-activated communication and entertainment system for Kia

January 14, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Carmaker Kia has teamed up with Microsoft Corp, wherein the software major will develop the UVO (Your Voice) in-car voice and touch activated communication and entertainment system for the car company. The new touch activated communication and entertainment system would be based on Windows Embedded Auto software. The UVO in-car infotainment system will soon be seen installed in the Kia Sorento SUV (pictured), and we expect it to happen by mid-2010.

The system will boast of an interface that would come with a 4.3” color touchscreen display that provides detailed information. When we say detailed, we really mean detailed as it would provide all essentials such as phonebook data, media content and vehicle updates. Bringing into play speech recognition features that would help keep the driver’s attention focused on the road ahead, the UVO system will enable users to direct the system via short voice commands. Besides, speech recognition is possible via profiles designed for two different voices in several languages. It is your voice at play!

The system incorporates a built-in hard drive of 1GN. This would also help in transferring music from CDs / USBs into the system’s Jukebox. The Jukebox can then be made to dance to your tunes through voice commands.

UVOKia and Microsoft have made it more appealing by making the UVO an open platform. By way of this, a range of mobile phones, music players and other devices can be integrated. Another feature is that when your vehicle is in reverse mode, the UVO quickly plays the role of a rear view camera!

(Via Gizmag)

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