Doomsday’s Clock Hands Moved by One Minute

January 14, 2010, By Radimir Bobev


Scientists working on the Doomsday Clock, designed to predict humanity’s extinction, announced that they were moving the clock’s hands – but not by much. The time was changed by just one minute, making it 23:54 right now.

The scientists responsible for the clock’s operation are the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and their goal was to predict the end of humanity. Originally created in 1947, it has been moved 18 times so far. Its original setting was 23:53, and this has changed by 8 minutes so far.

If you find the idea of such a scientific group odd, get this – it has more than a dozen members who possess Nobel prizes.

The last change to the clock’s hands was in 2007, when they were moved from 23:53 to 23:55, reflecting the “second nuclear age” threat which is apparently imminent over us, as well as the difficulties global warming creates for humanity.

The change was announced at a press conference held in New York, when the Bulletin made the announcement that, despite the nuclear weapon threats, they’ll move the clock back one minute.

[ Via ABC News ]

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