Kingston introduces 30GB SSD with TRIM support under $80

January 13, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Kingston SSD 30GB

A lot of really cool stuff was announced this year at the CES. In the middle of all the hype caused by the big guys, its quite easy to miss some rather cool products. Kingston’s new offering may be such a case. They have introduced their new SSDNow V+ 30GB Solid State Drives at a great price making it a very good option for a fast OS drive.

The SSD has support for the TRIM command on Windows 7. This allows the OS to tell the drive when it no longer needs to use any data blocks when, say some files have been deleted. This will allow the SSD controller to trash those blocks freely without fear of losing data. This has many advantages including faster writes as well as allow for more optimized “wear-levelling”.

This makes the new drive a very good option as the boot drive for your OS. Kingston says the drive gives transfer rates of 180 MB/s for reads and 50 MB/s for writes. It has a 2.5-inch form factor and like any other SSD, has no moving parts. During runtime, it consumes 1.7W of power and is rated for 500,000 MTBF. The Kingstron SSDNow V+ 30GB SSD is now available at $79.99 after rebates.

Via SlashGear

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