Intel Intelligent Digital Signage concept gets uncovered

January 12, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


If you were at the National Retail Federation Convention (NRF) in New York recently, chances are that you would have bumped into an awesome piece of technology innovation displayed there in the form of a 7-foot-6-inch signage. Put up by none other than Intel, the new multi-user, multi-touch Intel Intelligent Digital Signage concept is a prototype that could be a common landmark in the future at malls convention centers, airports, banks and cinemas.

One significant feature of the Intel Intelligent Digital Signage device is that it can be used by multiple consumers. The side by side window display can be used simultaneously to display many aspects right from maps of localities to floor description at malls. Further, advertisers could also see the new concept as a whole new world of opportunity, owing to the fact that it can display whatever they want to publicize to the masses.

It works thus: According to Intel, when you stare at the display, an integrated camera analyzes data such as gender and age, audience composition, time-of-day and other criteria. This enables the system to display tailored content and graphics based on estimated demographics. Besides, it also anonymously sends audience information to advertisers who can use that information to understand the type of content and messages that are most popular with viewers. A stunner of an innovation, indeed!

The system runs a media player platform that runs Intel Core i7 processor and the Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2011 platform optimized for digital signage applications. Expected to be more common by the second quarter of 2010, the digital signage system would also include Intel vPro Technology with Intel Active Management Technology. This in fact would let administrators manage these systems remotely. We are heading for the NRF to take a look at this piece.

(Via DigiTimes)

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