MagicJack’s new device soon to let you use cell phones over the Net

January 11, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


You will soon be able to use your cell phones for free over the Internet. Wonder how? MagicJack has lined up a new device that would make this happen. Bringing into play the technology called femtocell, the device helps connect cell phones that uses GSM technology to a computer with a broadband connection.

With a majority of phones on carrier networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile using GSM, the MagicJack device sees a lot of potential.

Your cell phone can be used without using a customer’s mobile plan minutes to make calls to anywhere in the United States or Canada, that is what the MagicJack device helps you do. If you would remember, MagicJack earlier had rolled out a device that utilized VoIP technology which brought to a revolutionary concept that made possible talking over the internet free. The company had seen fair amount of success with the earlier device after sold over five million pieces.

The new device that MagicJack has lined up is expected to be available in stores in the next four months time. Likely to sport a price tag of around $40, it will be offered with a free year of service. We are just waiting for the device to come.

(Via TechJackal)

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