Blio e-reader platform showcased at CES

January 11, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Blio E Reader

Ebook readers are the big this at CES this year. You can take a step without running into one of those. Now here is another new introduction to the field. It is KNFB’s new Blio ebook reader software and platform for Mac and PC which seems to be touting the fact that you don’t need fancy hardware to read a printed page on a screen. This new software approaches digital reading in a whole new way. Blio tends to preserve the looks of a traditional book or magazine format and layout including the fonts, images etc. and also includes digital interactivity. The Blio software was showcased at Microsoft’s booth at CES.

Blio was shown running on an HP Pavilion laptop, with a good-looking UI showing a gird of books that you have bought. Once you select a book, you can start to page through it. It has an awesome 3D mode, in which it actually shows real page turns as you slide through the pages. Some of the other cool features include a read-aloud option, and also other preloaded audio associated with each book. This could turn out to be really useful in say .. a children’s book or novel. Around 1.2 million titles will be available at launch.

Blio is also working on releasing the software for other platforms such as the iPhone. And best of all, Blio will be available this February .. for FREE.

Via Engadget

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