Audi e-tron electric concept car sports the sexy looks; to arrive in 2012

January 11, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Lo and behold!  The new electric creation from Audi is a stunner by all counts. Christened e-tron, the new concept from the luxury car maker brings with it a pointer to the future. The electric concept has been unveiled at North American International Auto Show and comes across as a sleek, simple vehicle with the sexy looks.

The concept on show now is a somewhat different version the car maker had unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show in September and then at the Los Angeles show last month.

From the looks it possesses, the Audi e-tron seems to have all in it to be the sexiest e-vehicle ever when it comes real sometime in 2012. Going by the concept on show, the car sports an aggressive outlook. The car maker has designed a 70 inches wide, 154.72 inches long and 48 inches tall car to charm enthusiasts.

On the power front, two motors have been placed at the rear axle making it car which is not an all-wheel drive. The motors are liquid cooled and rated at 75 kilowatts each. It is expected that the e-tron would have the capability to race from zero to 100 km/hr time of 5.9 seconds, and will take another 5.1 seconds to get from 100 km/hr to 120 km/hr. Equipped by a 45 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion pack mounted in front of the rear axle, you can just plug it into a 440 line. Recharge time has been cut to two hours.

Audi has given the e-tron a shell made of aluminum and carbon fiber space frame, with body panels boasting of fiber-reinforced plastic.  Front brakes sport hydraulic fixed-caliper units. There are also two electrically operated floating calipers at each rear wheel activated through a brake-by-wire system. Audi seems to be focused on the e-tron and would definitely bring it on to the road. We may have to wait till 2012, but it seems like we have something that could be worth the wait.

(Via Wired)

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