Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer to arrive in April for $199

January 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Sony has lined up a new device which could serve as your personal Internet viewer. Though it sports the looks of an ultimately sophisticated alarm clock, the new Sony Dash has more to it that meets the eye. This device, in fact, is a charmer to the core. The Sony Dash would come for a price of $199 and would arrive in April.

The Sony Dash grabbed so many eyeballs at the CES 2010 where it got showcased. Built to bring to your palm all you wanted to extract from the World Wide Web, the Dash comes with a 7-inch touch screen that makes viewing and surfing the Net more user-friendly.

Before you even think of comparing the Dash with the tablets you are soon to see, we hasten to add that this device from Sony is not portable as it may seem. Once you go for it, you will have find a perching slot for the Sony Dash somewhere on your work desk or bedroom or wherever you want. The Wi-Fi enabled Dash would help you bring all info you want from the Internet to the cute 7-inch screen the Dash boasts of.

With the Dash you can even have real-time traffic information on a custom route, calendars, movie trailers, YouTube videos, Internet radio, photo albums, custom news feeds, flight timetables, weather forecasts, and what not. Though the device doesn’t have a Web browser, it works hard in bring you all info by accessing content through a slew of applications that are built into it. Other features include built-in stereo speakers, headphone output jack, a USB port and the like. Sony has equipped the device with an internal accelerometer that lets it sit upright or tilted on a surface you choose as its parking slot. We are just waiting for April to come.

(Via Gizmag)

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