Dell Mini 3 and Google’s Nexus One Coming to the UK

January 8, 2010, By Radimir Bobev


While the CES always brings great news for gadget lovers, they usually concern those living in the US for the most part – while those of us in other parts of the world need to wait for the hype to calm down so we can get some good news ourselves. UK residents will be glad to hear that two Android-based smartphones will soon be introduced in the country, though.

The Dell Mini 3 will be introduced in the UK soon, and what’s curious is the statement that the device has been designed specifically for the UK market. Apparently, GSM operators Three and T-Mobile are currently negoatiating with Google to offer the Nexus One to the UK market as well.

The Nexus One will be offered by just Vodafone in the beginning, though if you’re eager to get it without a contract you can already order it from the US – but be prepared to pay accordingly, both for shipping and import taxes. O2 customers may be disappointed to hear that the company has no plans to offer the Nexus One right now.

[ Via Slashgear ]

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