Dell Announces the Mini 3 for AT&T, and a 5-inch Tablet in the Works

January 8, 2010, By Radimir Bobev


It’s been quite an informative day for Dell fans, as the company revealed a lot of new stuff. So far, we already knew that Dell are coming out with an Android handset called the Mini 3, and we also knew that AT&T is due to get a Dell handset. However, it wasn’t officially confirmed that the two events are related – and now it is, with Dell confirming that the Mini 3 is going to be available to AT&T customers.

A 5-inch tablet is also in the works, and it holds some similarity to the Dell Streak which got leaked a while back. The announcements don’t stop here though, as Dell revealed a redesign to the Inspiron PC family, adding the Alienware M11x. The M11x, despite being a netbook in appearance, actually possesses great gaming capabilities.

The Studio 14 notebook is getting a revision, with the Core 2 Duo being replaced by Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Dell certainly seem to have a lot in store for us – and that Alienware laptop sure looks great.

[ Via Boygeniusreport ]

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