Toshiba ZX900 Cell TV integrates PS3 cell processing engine

January 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Toshiba seems to have merged PS3 capabilities into its televisions. The result is out. The new Toshiba ZX900 Cell TV has been showcased at CES 2010, and it runs the Cell processing engine found in PlayStation 3.  So powerful is the processor that it has the ability to transform 2D content into stereoscopic 3D. Wow, indeed!

The new Cell televisions boasts of a contrast ratio of 9,000,000:1 and brightness of 1000cd/m². being rolled out in 46-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch specs, Toshiba’s new Cell TVs incorporate a 3.2GHz Cell chip with eight cores. Each core will upscale SD content into 1080p HD content using smart pixel generation. Toshiba intends to wipe away the line between this technology and Blu-ray making its very indistinguishable. Further, Toshiba has employed the technology making it effective in cutting down on noise.

Christened KIRA2, the Cell Set Top Box attached to the televisions functions as a computer that brings in the Cell microprocessor technology.  The ZX900 Cell TVs have as many as 512 separate backlight zones. The display also has the capability to  adjust the picture’s color temperature to compensation for each environment it’s placed in. This is made possible with a sensor that measures light and color levels in the vicinity. The TV has a built-in upscaling DVD player too. Toshiba hasn’t uttered a word on the pricing, though. We will have to wait to know more.

(Via PCMag)

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