Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Specifications Leaked

January 7, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

The Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus were announced around the end of last month, and they’re expected to launch sometime during this year, distributed by Verizon. A spec sheet for the two devices has just been leaked, seemingly by Verizon themselves, and it gives some details on why exactly the devices are branded “Plus”.

It all boils down to an increased storage capacity in one device, and added Wi-Fi support for the other, from what we can see. The Palm Pre used to have 8 GB of memory, and the Palm Pre Plus will come with 16 GB – but still no memory slot in sight.

The Palm Pixi Plus, on the other hand, comes with added Wi-Fi b/g support – as opposed to the Sprint-distributed one which only has EVDO Rev.A support.

While the changes are nothing surprising, they’re a bit underwhelming too. We can only hope that the price will justify the change to the updated devices, but we’ll hear about that in due time.

[ Via Slashgear ]

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