Olympus brings in new Stylus, FE camera models at CES; roll out by Jan-Feb

January 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


If there is one camera maker who has used the CES 2010 platform to maximum effect, it is Olympus. Not one, but six new models were unveiled by Olympus. And, each one has an individuality of its own.  The six new luring camera models, which fall in the Stylus and FE range of Olympus promise performance of the top order.

One of the lost charming models on show, the Stylus 7040, is a 14-megapixel camera that boasts of a three-inch LCD. Olympus has thrown in a 7x lens, in a bid to make it an equivalent of a 28-196mm SLR range.

Putting to good use both optical and digital image stabilization, the Stylus 7040 also supports 720p video recording. Besides, the camera has incorporated a HDMI output which enables display on a TV. One significant aspect about the Stylus 7040 is that it can apply four optional Magic Filters, such as Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish-Eye or Drawing, to photos.

A close look at the Stylus 7030 also would reveal that the model is akin to the 7040. Specifications are similar. What we find missing is the720p video. Also, Olympus has preferred to keep the LCD down to 2.7 inches size. However, when it comes to the next model, christened Stylus 5010, you see the 720p resolution back in action again. The notable difference, compared with the 7040, is that it brings in a 5x lens making it equivalent to 26-130 mm.

The beauty in the pack is the Stylus Tough 3000 (pictured). The camera has capabilities to withstand shock up to a 5-ft height and has waterproof options of up to 10 ft. It can even survive extreme cold conditions of up to 14F. A camera with the looks, and really tough too. The Stylus Tough 3000 comes with a 3.6x lens and a 12-megapixel sensor. The 720p video is another feature.

That’s what the Stylus models are. Olympus has also showcased its new FE cameras, the 4020 and 47 at the event. Both 14-megapixel cameras, the FE 4020 and 47  come minus HD video. While the 47 deploys a 5x (36-180mm) lens, the 4020 is limited to 4x.

Olympus intends to bring to the market the six new camera models by January and February. While the Stylus models will start shipping in February, the FE devices will roll out this month itself. On the pricing front, Olympus has attached tags of $200 for the 5010 and 7030, $230 for the Tough 3000, and $250 for the 7040, while the FE-47 will sell for $120, and the 4020 for $150 4020.

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