Microsoft Project Natal to bring cheer to Xbox 360 gamers during holidays of 2010

January 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Year 2010 promises to be eventful for Microsoft as far as gaming is concerned. Project Natal, the software giant’s full-body game control system, is expected to be rolled out just ahead of this year’s holiday season. Though previewed first at the E3 show of 2009, the good news about Project Natal launch has come about at the CES 2010 with the announcement by CEO Steve Ballmer.

 The news has all in it to make Xbox 360 users cheer. The gaming control system that lets players use full-body gestures, like a kick or a punch, to interact with the action on screen, comes complete with a 3D camera. This 3D camera tracks users’ body movements and translates them into actions on the screen.

From what we have heard, Project Natal is one innovation from Microsoft that has all in it to redefine the gaming scene. Remember Minority Report? We might get to see users transform themselves into a Minority Report-style of gaming when the launch happens.

We, however, do not know what kind of a price tag Microsoft would be attaching to the Project Natal pack. When the holidays get set to arrive, we are, however, sure Microsoft would bring in the redefining game tour midst. Let us wait for more on that.

(Via PCWorld)

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