Samsung e-readers to debut this Spring; to sport higher price tags

January 6, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


The e-reader season is on and the number of companies readying their e-readers is on the rise. The latest to cling on to the bandwagon is Samsung, making the list even longer. With the announcement of Samsung’s e-reader, the company has joined the likes of Amazon, Sony and Barnes & Noble. But one aspect that keeps us thinking is the price tag.

Samsung has lined up two models of its new e-reader – the E6 and E10.  While the six-inch E-6 would carry a tag of $399, the ten-inch E101 will sell for $699. Compared to the peers who sell in the range from $200 to $250, the price tags that would be attached to the Samsung devices are high.  Samsung intends to unveil the new devices in Spring. Complete with a black and white screen and Wi-Fi, Samsung E6 and Samsung E10 would sport more than one million public domain books from the Google’s library.

One significant aspect about the Samsung e-readers is that they would support handwriting capabilities. This means users can draw or write directly on to the screen with a special pen. On the power front, Samsung e-readers would be able to use it uninterrupted for two full weeks on a four-hour charge. We would like to wait until Spring for the devices to arrive. But then, the price factor is such a put off.

(Via Msnbc)

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