AT&T to sell Android smartphones; Dell, HTC, Motorola devices coming soon

January 6, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Android phones will garner a major share of the AT&T services with the carrier announcing that it would sell smartphones running the Android mobile operating system by the second half of the year. The carrier will see at least five new smartphones that would run the Android mobile OS. These could include Dell’s upcoming smartphone, and also the devices being line up by Motorola and HTC.

With this announcement, AT&T has become the latest wireless carrier in the United States that has hopped on the Android bandwagon. Interestingly, the carrier’s Android decision comes much later than the others. AT&T has explained the delay saying that it had been waiting and watching how the market would sway. Now that realization has dawned that there is indeed some amount of demand, the carrier has decided to go for it. The fact is that consumers are increasingly moving toward owning Android phones and AT& doesn’t want to be left out in the race.

The new decision is expected to give AT&T much more strength, which is already boasting of enough muscle owing to the presence of the Apple iPhone in its ranks. Now that Google has turned powerful in the smartphone arena with the Android mobile OS, it is only natural that AT&T has also jumped on to the fray.

(Via NYTimes)

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