Sony Z11 notebook promises enhanced storage, quad-speed SSD

January 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Storage is one major aspect we all look at when it comes to new age gadgets. As if realization has dawned for Sony, the technology giant is now readying what could go down in gadget history as one of the fastest notebook storage drives ever. The Z11 notebook that may soon debut from the Sony line will be  one device to watch when the company holds its CES keynote on Wednesday.

The Z 11 would boast of either 256GB (4x64GB) or 512GB (4x128GB) of space. The upcoming Sony Z11 notebook is expected to be unveiled in a few months as a 13.1-inch notebook which promises already promises to house a 128GB solid-state drive. Speed would be yet another factor that would take Son Z11 to the top, thanks to the Quad SSD that would combine four SSDs in a RAID stripe and run extremely quickly, copying a 1GB file in just 4 seconds; a typical 5,400RPM hard drive takes 25 seconds.

Talking of this amazing speed factor, the Sony Z11 would deploy the four-way technology. These features apart, the new Z11 notebook could also grab headlines for being Sony’s first to get a backlit keyboard. Are we seeing a replacement for the 13-inch MacBook Pro in this device. We guess we should wait to see what lies in store in the coming days.

(Via Electronista)

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