Sony Alpha A450 Specs and Release Date Confirmed, Debuts Next Month

January 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

Photography is an art but some are blessed with the natural brilliance to capture moments around them. For such people those digital soap-boxes aren’t the best bet. DSLR’s is what they should hunt for and the latest Sony Alpha A450 is a great option. I call it great for it is an amazingly powerful camera which prioritizes user friendliness.

Sony Alpha-A450-DSLR

For the pros, A450 is the less powerful variant of the A550 DSLR and understandably the offering looses a couple of important features like the AF-live view system and the flip LCD screen.

The loss of features for the 14.2 megapixel CMOS sensor powered camera also has a positive side and that is the longevity of batteries-thousand shots promised on a full charge. The downside is that the A450 borrows its 2.6-inch LCD display from the A230 which could probably dent sales.

Certain reviews of the camera are already out and it is being told that the A450 is the perfect all-round camera (for the advanced user) and flawless imaging is an admirable quality of this product. Arriving in February 2010, it will be priced just under $1,000.

[via: PR]

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