Skype HD Video Calls Coming Soon from your LG and Pansonic HDTV

January 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

Skype is the future of video chats is a long established fact but things should never be taken for granted even if you are the best in business. Skype tends to follow this mantra and that is the reason why the service has been so successful.

Skype on LG and Panasonic HDTV

The latest feather in Skype’s cap is the collaboration with LG and Panasonic that will see Skype as a built-in feature in the internet laden TV sets. All this means that if you possess a Panasonic or an LG HDTV, Skype could very well be a part of your living room and not just the desk.

What is more is that video chatting will happen at 720p HD which means that the in-built Skype feature will offer more clarity and precision on the video chats. The minimum requirement on such TV sets will be a 1Mbps internet connection and a TV-ready webcam which will serve a dual purpose for the voice calls and video chats.

As per the official details, Skype should be available on LG and Panasonic HDTVs in the middle of 2010. [via: Pocket-lint]

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