Google’s Nexus One Ready to Rival the Apple iPhone in the Smartphone Market

January 5, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Google have decided to dip their fingers into the mobile market, and their first device of this kind – the Nexus One smartphone – is nearing its release. Google seem to be ready to rival Apple’s iPhone in every way they can, though some predict that the device will lack in the applications department when compared to its Apple counterpart.

The Nexus One is a bit wider in size, but slimmer, than the iPhone. Powered by the Android OS and a high-speed processor, it seems to deliver better performance than the Motorola Fortune 500.

Ever since Google gave their employees a copy of the device for testing (and of course, generating hype), they’ve been pretty quiet about it. A lot of people expect them to reveal details about the Nexus One’s future at a press conference about the Android OS, which will be held tomorrow.

So far, the Nexus One beats the iPhone in terms of camera quality and battery life, but the 16,000 applications available for the Android OS don’t go anywhere near the over 100,000 ones available at Apple’s App Store.

It will be a very interesting battle for sure, and we’re curious to see if the Nexus One will prove to be a worthy competition for the iPhone.

[ Via Telegraph ]

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