Use your iPhone as a TV Remote

January 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

Your iPhone is the ultimate thingamajig as we’ve stressed over and over again. It can be your web surfing device, it can be your navigator on an expedition, it can be your ultimate 3G device and now it can even be your TV remote. You read it absolutely right people, your iPhone can function as a TV remote provided you shell a $50 bill to fetch the L5 Remote from L5 Technology. Come February, L5 Technology will release an infrared dongle (L5 Remote) which will require the assistance of a free Apple app to get going.

iPhone as a TV Remote

Once you have downloaded the free application the dongle will then help you to drag and drop buttons as per your own preferences making it a thoroughly universal remote. The dongle does not require batteries and we are hoping that it is not an iPhone battery sucker.

It sure is a snappy little device that can make you adore your iPhone all the more but the fact remains that not everyone will spend $50 to turn their iPhones into a remote. A definite gadget for the craziest iPhone freaks!

[via: Dvice]

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