Logitech Android device in the works; could be a Digital Home Portfolio product

January 4, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Speculations over Logitech lining up a new Android device in its stables are just starting to build up. The source: A job listing put out by Logitech recently. From what the job requirement suggests, the company is looking for a top level engineer who can be part of Logitech as an Android applications developer.

So that is about it. If Logitech is looking for a expert engineer to work with it as an Android applications developer for an embedded Linux system, it has to that something big is in the works. It is believed that the employee the company is looking for will work on a user interface for web-based streaming media.

It is being rumored that Logitech is lining up the Android device under its Digital Home Portfolio and that it might roll out the product in a year’s time. The product could be something that will give users access to broader range of media than ever before, say the rumor mill.

Though the speculations originate from just a job listing that doesn’t give away too many details, we have a feeling that Logitech is indeed working on something big. The Android device could well be in for a big launch some time by the close of 2010. Keep a watch.

(Via Engadget)

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