Isaac Newton Dedicated Google Doodle is the best ever

January 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

Best Ever Google Doodle

There is something special about the Google logo today and most of the ardent web surfers will have noticed it by now. The logo is dedicated to the genius Isaac Newton, who was born on this day 366 years ago. Google keeps impressing us with its range of doodles, the most recent ones being dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and Galileo. Out of the lot, this Google doodle is the best ever as far as I am concerned. The reason that inspires my opinion is that the doodle is based on the ‘defining moment’ that changed Newton’s life and the overall perception of the contemporary society that was baffled by his genius.

Isaac newton saw a falling apple, something which the Doodle is all about and something that forced Isaac to believe that there was a force which pulled things towards the earth and not in the opposite direction.

Google is one of those internet behemoths which keeps attracting special attention with inventive decisions like these doodles which remind us of great men of learning and the difference they made to the world.

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