Google Loses Court Battle Against Groovle Over Domain Name

January 1, 2010, By Radimir Bobev


Google recently got involved in a conflict with Groovle, after the latter registered the domain name According to Google, the domain name was far too similar to Google’s own, and thus Google took the matter to court.

After a short-lasting legal battle between the two companies, it was decided that Groovle can continue using their domain name as it is not that similar to Google’s. One of Groovle’s arguments was that “adding an R and trading a G for a V” resulted in a completely different sounding name, being much closer to the word “groovy” and its derivatives.

We can’t help but agree with the court’s decision on this one. Google have made it clear that they won’t let people step on their toes, but when they start stepping on others’ toes themselves, a legal slap in the face like that is probably what they need to realize they’ve gone too far this time.

We just hope that this was a one-time incident and Google are back to their senses now.

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