Apple Refuses to Return Stolen iPhone to its Owner

January 1, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

To those of you who’ve been unfortunate to have something stolen recently, we can give you a huge piece of advice – file a police report at all costs. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the situation of Alisa, who had her iPhone stolen recently.

According to Alisa’s story, somebody robbed her in a subway in Brooklyn. The police performed a routine search of the area and left. Later, Alisa got an e-mail from Apple, informing her that her iPhone has been submitted for a replacement request because of damage. They could identify her because she had already contacted their support staff before, and her e-mail was linked to her phone’s serial number.

You’d expect the story to end here, with Alisa getting her iPhone back from Apple and the thief getting arrested, right? Wrong. Apple refused to return the phone to Alisa, even though she has proven to be its legal owner, for the simple reason that no report was filed for the crime.

Even after the police contacted Apple to discuss the situation, no resolution could be reached – and in the end, Alisa bought a new phone (she went for a Blackberry this time) and still hasn’t got her iPhone back.

It’s kind of ridiculous how Apple have turned their back on a loyal customer due to documentation-related issues, while at the same time offering full support to a thief who also performed a jailbreak on the iPhone (according to AT&T).

[ Via Gizmodo ]

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