SuperTalent to introduce USB3.0 RAIDDrive at CES 2010

December 31, 2009, By Thomas Antony

The Consumer Electronics Show ( CES )next month at Las Vegas is going to showcase some of the best upcoming gadgets of 2010. Among them, gadgets which use the new superfast USB 3.0 standard are to play a big part. Already many USB 3.0 devices are being announced for release early next year.

SuperTalent USB3.0 RAIDDrive

SuperTalent, who is known for releasing SSDs, has announced that they will showcasing their new USB3.0 RAIDDrive at CES 2010. It will basically be a superfast flashdrive that will use multiple NAND storage chips in parallel for fast access.

The drive will use the Symwave SW6318 device at capacities of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The drive is supposed to be ten times faster than existing systems and offers transfer speeds of more than 300 MB/s.For accomplishing this, they are using multiple NAND flash chips connected in a RAID 0 configuration so that the data is “striped” across the different storage chips to achieve maximum performance. The drive itself is rather small, measuring 3.75”x1.5”x0.5” and will act like any other normal USB flashdrive, connecting directly into the USB port without requiring any extra power adapters or cables.

Via SlashGear

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