The Boox 60 E-Reader Now Shipping to the USA

December 30, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


The Boox e-reader which was demonstrated at CeBIT earlier this year is finally ready for a release in the USA – the device is expected to start shipping in two weeks at most. The e-reader, designed by Onyx International, comes with Wi-Fi support, a Vizplex e-ink display, and is powered by a 532MHz processor.

The e-reader also packs 512 MB of memory, a 1600mAh battery and a slot for SD/SDHC cards. It doesn’t have built-in 3G support though. The device costs $349 – and if this seems too pricy for you, we share your views perfectly. It may come with a cool leather cover and the innovative WebKit browser, but underneath the glitter it’s still an e-reader which costs more than the Nook and Kindle without offering much in return.
We’ll see how it plays out, though we wouldn’t hold our hopes high for its success. With the solid competition from Amazon and B&N, it’s going to be tough for sure – though stranger ideas have managed to see success, so we’ll find out soon enough.

[ Via Engadget ]

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