Palm WebOS 1.3.5 update arrives on Palm Pre, Palm Pixi smartphones

December 30, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


It is finally here. The WebOS upgrade, announced by Palm earlier during the week, is now a reality. The version 1.3.5 of WebOS, the operating system on the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi smartphones, has been unveiled, but we find any new app missing in the update. However, users who had been looking for a big change in the OS would be happier lot.

The new upgrade brings with it some notable additions, no doubt. The changes to the operating system comprise capabilities to use all of the storage capacity of the phone for app downloads. This apart, extended battery life, plus changes to the Palm App Catalog that could be of help to your downloading needs, are part of the update.

The WebOS version 1.3.5 changes come in the Palm App Catalog. Even if you have to leave download screen, you will be able to pause or cancel downloads easily, and access updates for all of their installed applications on one screen. This feature, in fact, has all in it to make the user elated.

If you are a Palm user, you might have already received your alert on the new update. If you haven’t yet, all you need to do is to open the updates app to download, and install it.

The new update also has fixed bugs that have troubled the default installed applications such as built-in Web browser and e-mail client.

(Via AppScout)

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