Android Powered Google Nexus Phone Price Confirmed, Goes for $530 Unlocked

December 30, 2009, By Atul Roach


We love talking about the Apple iPhone killers but the fact remains that nothing has been able to match the success of the iPhones until date. What has now raised high hopes is the Google Phone better known as the Android powered Nexus One smartphone which is due for a release in January 2010. While most of the details of the Nexus One have gone public what was still a guess was its price tag. It is now being told that an unlocked Nexus One will cost $530.

Those who do not fear a commitment can hook up with T-mobile for a couple of years and then get the Nexus One for a reduced price of $180. It is not yet confirmed whether the Google Phone will be a carrier exclusive device and therefore we are presuming that AT&T might also come with a competitive plan for the Nexus One.

Google’s Android Phone is certainly a popular gadget even before its release and one can have an idea of the fact by the number of accessories which are already lined up to glorify the device furthermore. [Via: Ubergizmo]

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