Select 2010 Ford Models to Support iTunes Tagging

December 29, 2009, By Atul Roach


If you are the types that cannot do without your favorite numbers in your car, here is what you will like to read. A select number of 2010 Ford models will come with a factory installed HD Radio receiver that will let the users tag the iTunes by pressing a mere button. The users could then download the song later onto their iPod or their iPhones. The Mustang image atop will make you think that the 2010 Mustang model will also render the facility but, that is a whimsy which purely belongs to us as of now.

A song once tagged on the display could be downloaded using the Ford Sync technology ( a voice controlled telecommunications and entertainment system ) that lets a user dock the iPhone or the iPod. A maximum of 100 songs will be transferable for later display in the iTunes.

What is still not revealed is whether the HD Radio and the iTunes tagging capability will come as a standard or as an option in the selective models. Ford seems to have heavily benefited from the Sync technology and the support for the iTunes tagging is a welcome addition. [via: ipodnn]

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