Latest LinkedIn Version for the iPhone Goes Live

December 29, 2009, By Atul Roach


LinkedIn, the business oriented social networking site is back at the iTunes App store with its latest version available for download right in time to revive some business contacts in the new year. Thanks to the users feedback and the business metrics which fostered the redesign based on end to end design. The new app. offers more functionality in comparison with the previous version of the application but that is yet to be confirmed by the crazy Apple app. users.

The previous LinkedIn app. was useless to be modest so, may be, that is why the developers are claiming that this one is doubly functional. The users, courtesy of the enhanced functions, will now be able to view and answer the messages in their inbox.

Also, the users can now invite and accept other invitations and browse and search profiles. Another notable addition is the ‘In Person’ feature that allows users to connect with other users in their immediate area using the iPhone.

The latest version looks a copy of the LinkedIn app. for the Facebook but even then it is pretty acceptable given the user friendliness. [via: Adamnash/Crenk]

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