T-Mobile G1 to get an Android firmware update shortly

December 28, 2009, By Atul Roach

Remember the T-Mobile G1? Before you go bonkers, I better call it the HTC Dream, the first smart phone to get the Google Android platform. It was indeed the smartphone that blossomed the Android flower but since that advent, T-Mobile has left the G1 in the corner running Android 1.6. Hence why news about a firmware update expected to hit sometime soon, come across as a pleasant surprise for the owners of the G1 that saw other Android-powered mobile being preferred ahead of it. Currently working on the 1.6 version of the platform, the G1 will get updated to Android 2.0 or maybe the latest version, Android 2.1, depending on the compatibility factor of the device.


Although there aren’t official details confirming the exact date for the firmware update what can be predicted is the consequence of the update. Courtesy of the upgrade, the G1 will obviously work faster, the battery management will be considerably improved and the latest applications will have an extended compatibility.

The HTC Dream has been a touch low as far as the sales are concerned despite some special features like the motion sensor and the pretty little digital compass and we are yet to see whether that delayed firmware update is one of the reasons for that slump. [via: Softsailor]

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