Palm webOS 1.3.5 update dated for Today

December 28, 2009, By Atul Roach

If you’ve visited the Sprint support website today, what you might have noticed is that the much anticipated webOS 1.3.5 update is arriving today i.e on December 28. The predictions of the update arriving shortly were therefore correct and we can hope for the Palm Pre and Pixi handsets to perform better in the near future.


The Palm Pre which has been a touch down on sales will benefit from the 1.3.5 update that will come with a few fixes for the Pre. What is though not confirmed is whether the promised removal of app limit has been delivered or not.

The update will see the Pre gain on the battery life while the Pixi will benefit with increased speed and responsiveness. The update will also launch the Sprint Navigation Service or Google Maps the moment a user will tap on an address in the contacts.

Some other fixes will include playing media through MMS and compressing the size of the updates and hence making them down-loadable over a 2G network. The current financial details haven’t been up to the expectations for Palm and they will be hoping that these updates change the scenario. [via: Electronista]

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