No Electronics on Domestic and International US Flights

December 28, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Due to the recent incident in which a passenger attempted to blow up an airplane with an explosive concealed in his lower body, security measures have been tightened to an almost extreme level. New regulations are in place for US travellers, and unless you want to experience unpleasant surprises, you should familiarize yourself with them.

The most important things for us tech geeks concerns gadgets – all electronics are forbidden on most flights. This includes anything from a laptop, to a screenless MP3 player. Some airlines allow their passengers to use gadgets for limited periods of time, but you generally won’t be allowed to use anything during the last hour of the flight.

For entertainment, books remain the only viable option right now. And we don’t mean the Kindle ones, either. Either bring an old-fashioned paper book, or be subjected to a few hours of boredom.

Be prepared for various uncomfortable searching procedures as well, and a thorough examination of your luggage. Security measures have been designed to be unpredictable, so randomness will be the trend.

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