Gyration 2.4GHz Air Mouse with MotionSense @ $9.99 AR

December 28, 2009, By Thomas Antony

What the heck is an air mouse? Well, it is a mouse that you can wave around in the air , that is, it doesn’t require a surface or a mousepad and they usually cost a hefty $50+. Of course, you would be crazy to spend that much on a mouse just so you can wave it around in the air.

Gyration Air Mouse 2.4 GHz has come up with an deal on one such device which really brings down the price bar to almost the “impulsive buy” level. The Gyration Air Mouse is now being offered at $29.99 don from its usual price of $64 at Amazon. With the $20 Mail-in-rebate, this comes down to just $9.99 . See below for more.

This mouse is perfect for the travelling notebook user for giving presentations or controlling your media center or whatnot. The mouse has a portable lightweight design with laser precision control for total control of all your content from the comfort of your desk .. or wherever you are sitting. With its 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, you can use it within a range of upto 100 feet without line-of-sight limitations to free you from all those RSI inducing surfaces. The receiver dongle can be packed into the mouse itself for safe storage while not in use. The mouse has an ambidextrous design along with 3 extra buttons that can be assigned to functions of your choice.

Included with the Air Mouse is the Professional edition of the GyroTools software to take total control of your application with just the flick of your wrist. The Gyration Air Mouse is really awesome for the business user or even the plain desktop user. But it may not be the right thing for gamers. So if you want a refreshing new way of controlling your PC or notebook, get this new Gyration Air Mouse from Woot.

Source : Woot

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