and an Apple Patent Cause Rumors About New Apple Products Coming Soon

December 25, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Some rumors have been going around about a new device by Apple – and although rumors don’t always come out true, this one has quite a lot of hints behind it to back it up. The first thing which sprung up people’s attention is the fact that Apple have apparently owned the domain since 2007.

The second is a recent patent application filed by Apple, which demonstrates technology for tactile feedback on a touchscreen device – that is, giving the user feedback on their actions directly through the input device itself, by inducing a certain sensation on your fingertips. The technology uses special “bumps” produced by the touchscreen.

ISlate could very well be the name of Apple’s 7″ tablet which is supposedly going to come out in January. Domain names aren’t that reliable when it comes to Apple’s products though – seeing as how they registered in 1999, and then paid a substantial sum to buy nearly 10 years later, you never know.

If the rumors do hold true though, we may be witnessing the device’s announcement really soon – in a matter of weeks.

[ Via Onlygizmos ]

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