ASUS Eee Pad to Feature NVidia Tegra

December 25, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Asus originally manufactured their Eee PC netbooks with Atom processors only. Recently, they’ve began to expand their horizons and are now offering alternative setups, featuring ATI and AMD hardware.
The Eee Pad is likely to get such a rehash soon, too – the updated version is rumored to use NVidia Tegra, and will have a 7-inch screen which can display 720p HD content by default, and 1080p content if the laptop comes with NVidia hardware.

The pad will use a multitouch display, which means that it will also come with an OS designed to work with such displays – and this points us at either Windows 7 or Android OS. If Windows 7 doesn’t support ARM processors like the Tegra, though, the OS won’t be available as an option.

There are plenty of other OS choices to consider too – Google’s Chrome OS and Jolicloud are also likely candidates. We’re yet to see what choice ASUS will make, but whatever they do, this device is likely to become a huge hit.

[ Via NetbookNews ]

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