Google Nexus One Android 2.1 Smartphone on Video, Via Twitter

December 22, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


The Nexus One (also known as the Google Phone) may not be coming out until next year, but some pictures and a video of the device are already going around the Internet. It all started when Google, as usual, gave their employees the new device to build up some hype. One of the employees happens to be a Twitter user, so he uploaded some pictures and an unboxing video of the device.

However, Google did not seem to like his actions, as they took down the video from the employee’s YouTube account soon after it was uploaded. Nevertheless, the video was already downloaded by plenty of people and has been re-uploaded on various websites, and you can see it below.

We think that Google should’ve just left it on YouTube – it’d be silly to think that it won’t spread anyway, and having it on the most popular video website would’ve just helped its popularity. Anyway, check out the video below. The phone looks good, so we can’t wait for it to come out.

[ Via Telegraph ]

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