ASUS to release Core i5 -based highend notebook – the X77

December 22, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Asus X77
After Intel’s mobile Core i5 processors surfaced, along with the 5xxx mobile series of chipsets from ATi, it was obvious that we would be seeing high end notebooks soon packed with these speedy new products. Some information has now come out regarding an Asus big-screen notebook called the Asus X77, which will be using these high-end parts to put out some really awesome performance.

The upcoming Asus X77 notebook will have a rather big, 17.3” 1600×900 LCD, and was recently listed at an online retailer along with a few sketchy details. It will be running on the Intel Core-i5 430M 2.26GHz processor, which is a part of the 32nm Arrandale series. The X77 will also be one of the first notebooks to run on ATi’s new Mobility Radeon HD 5730 GPU. While the exact specs of this GPU is not yet known, it is likely to have DDR3 RAM rather than DDR5 RAM as in the 5750 and 5770 desktop GPUs.

The Core i5 will be supplemented by 4GB of DDR2 RAM, and will have two 500 GB hard-drives for storage. The laptop will also be capable of eSATA connectivity and HDMI video output, and with the powerful graphics, it will be a pretty good desktop replacement. While no details are yet available about the pricing or availability, it should be releasing around mid January priced somewhere near the €1000 pricepoint.

Via: Electronista

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