Apple App Developer Tapulous Earns $1 Million/Month

December 22, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Ever since Apple launched their App store back in 2008, people had no idea how popular it would eventually become. And it’s no wonder that some people are managing to earn quite a living from it – one developer, for example, has been known to make about $1 million a month in app sales.

The developer in question, Tapulous, became successful with their product “Tap Tap Revenge”, but they also have other apps in their line. Nevertheless, Tap Tap Revenge is their most successful product, and it’s estimated that it’s installed on about 30% of iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

Let’s not forget that Apple are benefiting from this as well – the ratio for each sale is 70:30, so they’re making about $300,000 monthly just from Tapulous’s products alone. This is a good example of how flexible this system is and how it can be great for both developers, customers, and Apple themselves.

However, this isn’t the norm, it’s an exception. Most app developers are hardly registering any sales at all, so it’s just a matter of designing something that people will actually enjoy using.

[ Via The Iphone Blog ]

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