Motorola Droid Hack to Run Android 2.1 Revealed [Video Included]

December 21, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Those of you who own a Motorola Droid would probably be interested to know that they can mod an Android 2.1 OS onto their devices. The procedure isn’t hard, but don’t expect such outstanding results from it either – the main change resulting from the firmware update is a boost in the OS’s speed.

As you can see in the video below, the person recording it was constantly being amazed at how fast the OS’s interface has become. The rendering engine seems to have really been improved, and the menus are now smooth and convenient to navigate – far from what they once were.

Also introduced with this update are three new screens for your homepage, and integration with Google news and weather services. Multitouch support isn’t available, though that’s possible through another mod for the phone – take note though, anything like that can potentially brick the device, so do it at your own risk. If you feel those changes are worth the risk, definitely try them out.

[via Gizmodo]

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