LG Display ready to intro thinnest LCD panel

December 21, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


If you thought you have already seen your favorite soap on the thinnest LCD screen, think again. For, LG Display has unveiled a stunner that is the thinnest of them all. Just 0.1 inch thick, the 42 inch panel is set to redefine the way people watch the telly.

Undoubtedly the he thinnest ever LCD panel for a TV to date, the new panel brings into play an edge-lit LED backlight and a new optical film among a variety of things new.

LG Display is lining up a not so far off date of formal launch so that it could showcase the new innovation at CES. The showcasing planned for CES would be private demos, says the grapevine. LG Display has not yet confirmed whether TVs based on the thinnest design will officially launched in time for the CES,

The talk among industry circles is that the company might launch such a device only later during 2010.

The thinnest LCD display panel is believed to be coming with abilities that could give 1080p resolution. It is also expected that the device would support a 120Hz refresh rate. We are looking forward to CES to know what really would be unveiled there.

(Via Electronista)

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