Sony to Rival Microsoft and Nintendo With the PS3 Wand

December 17, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


John Koller, head of Sony’s US marketing department, made a very courageous announcement today – quoting his own words, “[the] PS3 wand will be king!” The company seems to be quite confident in their ability to outperform Nintendo and even Microsoft with their Project Natal in the fight for the top spot on the motion controller market.

It wasn’t just once or twice either – mr. Koller made it quite clear that Sony really do have big plans to rival their competitors in this area – going further, he said “Quite honestly, I think Project Natal and the Wii are going have trouble matching [it].”

For those of you who’re wondering what the “PS3 Wand” is all about – it’s Sony’s own motion controller for the PlayStation, using the console’s webcam to track the wand’s position, and translate its motions into in-game action. The Wand should come out on the market sometime around spring 2010.

Sony have also stated that they’re going to very actively experiment with game design centered around this technology as well, exploring the possibilities different genres give them.

[ Via Computerandvideogames ]

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