“War” Update for Team Fortress 2 Brings New Weapons, Free Weekend

December 16, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Valve, true to their tradition of updating their hit online shooter Team Fortress 2 with new content for free, are in the process of releasing the next major update for the game. The update will feature new weapons for the Soldier and Demoman classes, of which so far three have been revealed.

The update will go live on Thursday, and until then, we’re yet to see another three weapons, plus a bonus one which will go to one of the two classes, depending on the outcome of the “war” that’s going on in-game right now. There’ll probably be other new content as well, as in the previous updates – community-made maps have been spotted in the media released for the update by Valve.

To top it all off, this weekend the game will be 100% free to play – a promotion which Valve have already done a few times so far and which has proved to be immensely successful for their sales. You can start pre-loading the game now, all you need is to have Steam installed and a registered account for it (it’s free!). The game will unlock on Saturday morning, when you can enjoy it for two days completely free.

[ Via ShackNews ]

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