Boeing 787 Dreamliner First Flight Prepared, Meanwhile British Airways Go on Strike

December 15, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s first flight is scheduled for Tuesday – that’s almost two and a half years later than the company’s original plans. The plane’s development encountered many problems that slowed its progress – design errors, strikes, and once there was even a shortage of bolts.

The plane has been designed with great fuel efficiency in mind, and Boeing are very confident that it will be a huge success. There are already 840 orders from all around the world, though some of those aren’t valid anymore because of the delays.

The 787 Dreamliner owes its fuel efficiency to its design – the materials used are primarily carbon and titanium, making it very lightweight, as well as needing less maintenance than the company’s previous models.

Meanwhile, over at England, it seems that a lot of people won’t get to enjoy airplane flights, as 12,500 cabin crew members of British Airlines have decided to go on a strike during the Christmas period. It’s estimated that the strike will affect the plans of more than 1 million passengers, and British Airlines are currently threatening with legal action against those involved.

[ Via BBC News ]

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