Android Market Reaches 20,000 Apps – 60% of Them Free

December 15, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


The Android Market has reached the 20,000 apps mark – and only about a year has passed since it was started. In contrast, Apple’s App Store managed to get about 50,000 apps a year. The Android Market is slowly evolving and it’s becoming an really useful place, full of cool apps.

Another interesting piece of statistics is the amount of paid apps versus the free ones. 62.2% of the apps in the store are absolutely free, with the rest being paid. This is a great advantage over Apple’s App Store, where, of the about 100,000 currently available apps, only about 23% are free, and everything else is paid. On the other hand, just 30% of the apps downloaded from Apple’s store are paid ones.

The information is confusing to some extent, however it’s noticeable that Apple are going to have some serious competition in the app business soon, if the Android Market keeps developing in this way. It’s good to see such a refreshing change in the market situation right now, so we hope this tendency continues.

[ Via Engadget ]

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